Retargeting: how to do it smartly

According to the survey, a crashing 97% of the first-time e-commerce visitors actually do not finalize the transaction. For online stores that means extremely low conversion rate, but there is nothing to worry about. Instead, you should try out retargeting and master it to increase your return on investment. Of course, there are many factors that affect business success, like products’ quality, prices, and marketing strategy in general, as well as user experience on the website. Nevertheless, certainly retargeting is something you need to take advantage of.

In the following text, we will try not only to explain the aforementioned term but mostly show you how you can apply the theory in your marketing strategy even today.

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6 must-know marketing automation tips

Marketers face many challenges, but there are also many solutions that can make several processes and tasks easier. Fortunately, there is also marketing automation! In 2017 67% of Marketing Leaders who took part in the survey admitted they use a Marketing Automation Platform (source: Salesforce “State of Marketing”). Do not stay behind your competitors and take advantage of the solutions available on the market.

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How to make the most of Quora for your business?

Social media is nowadays one of the main marketing communication channels. While most marketers are focused on the most popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn And Twitter you should consider using niche social networks that can provide you with better results. The great example of such a platform is Quora.

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5 No-Fuss Ways to Figuring Out Where And How To Reach Your Audience

Reaching your audience is not a walk in the park: to do it effectively and with results you desire, you need to go an extra mile not once and not twice. If you know not only where to reach your audience, but also how to do it, you’re good to go. But before you start planning on how to increase visibility within your audience, let us ask you one question…

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Does Your Lead Generation Pass The Test? Ideas You Can Apply To Your Strategy Today

Lead generation: while for some it can sound like nothing but a buzzword, this is where the money lies. There are so many ways and methods marketers can use and test out to generate leads that it can become troublesome or they may get lost. How to wisely plan your strategy for lead generation?

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How to Completely Revamp Your Personal Branding?

Marketers and people responsible for communication care about their brand on social media and is willing to try several solutions to find out what performs best. This is obvious. What is not obvious, but it should be, is the huge power of personal branding that they should make the most of it – although, they sometimes give up trying. How to rock your personal brand and build not only an expert appearance, but also a straight way to increase desired conversion?

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Take your social media marketing to the next level

A survey showed that over half of social media users interact with brands more than once a month.

Smart Insights revealed that 3,196 billion people were active on social media in 2018. It became a popular channel for communication because on the most significant social networks marketers can find their audience. The competition among brands is stiff, though, so you should think outside the box while planning your social media marketing activities. Below you can find a few ideas that can boost your efforts.

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13 Marketing Tools You Never Knew You Always Wanted

How many tools do marketers know? We bet that you use quite a few of them, and possibly you are not looking for change especially if you like some tools more than others. What if we can tell you that switching and exploring new possibilities can bring you real savings? In this text, we’ll tell you about the tools that we think are worth trying. We hope that after reading this article, many of our proposals will be used by you.

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How to Drive a Tremendous Amount of Website Visitors with Content Marketing

“Content is a King” – You have probably heard this for a lot of times. And yes – it is. But there are a few unprecedented rules which we all need to follow. For example:

Do you know which articles perform better – those with less or more words?
What are the best amplification processes for publishing your content?

If your answers to the questions above are “No”, then this is a right article for you! (By the way, you also should read this if you want more visitors to your website) 🙂

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