14 Marketing Tools You Never Knew You Always Wanted

14 Marketing Tools You Never Knew You Always Wanted

How many tools do marketers know? We bet that you use quite a few of them, and possibly you are not looking for change especially if you like some tools more than others. What if we can tell you that switching and exploring new possibilities can bring you real savings? In this text, we’ll tell you about the tools that we think are worth trying. We hope that after reading this article, many of our proposals will be used by you.


Sentione is a useful tool for monitoring online discussions. You can have an unlimited number of keywords and results, which is very helpful if you are looking for valuable opinions on social networks, blogs or forums. What’s more, you can customise dashboards to suit your needs. When it comes to internet monitoring, you should not only be aware of what customers say about your brand but also react. Sentione lets you manage audience relationships. An additional advantage is the reports that allow you to measure and optimise your online performance. 


It’s an excellent tool for everyone who wants to plan every post in one place. Kontentino has an intuitive calendar which can help you with scheduling every kind of post that you want. If you promote your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn – you should definitely try out this solution. What’s more, if you work with many clients, you can send all your content to them and wait for their approval from the application panel. Thanks to Kontentino, you can manage all profiles of communities from multiple platforms in one place. You will save your time for other tasks.


This is a handy tool that you can use to send personalised e-mails on a scale. It will make your campaigns run in just a few minutes. Forget about time-consuming spreadsheets to track results,  everything you need regarding to e-mail marketing, you’ll find in here. With this tool, you will be able to influence the acquisition of new potential customers.


Supermonitoring is a useful SaaS tool, thanks to which you will have an eye on your website performance. In the event of a page error, you will receive a notification that will help you react before anyone notices. In addition, you will reduce the losses that you may incur during the campaign and get reports that allow verifying the quality of the hosting service you are using. 


LiveSession is a revolutionary tool that allows you to record how users interact with your website and improve your conversion rate, provide better support or debug your application. Every single click, mouse cursor movement or any other activity will be recorded letting you replay the session like you had video surveillance. Why? Something that’s obvious for you or your frontend developer can be a real puzzle for your visitors. You will be astonished how easy it is to improve the user experience when you know what is confusing them.


Recast.Studio is a creative tool for creating videos. You can easily enrich your text by adding slides available in an extensive multimedia library. Forget about the money spent on short videos for a professional editor. From now you can be an editor thanks to an intuitive creator. Besides, converting text posts into a movie will attract the attention of your audience.


RocketLink was invented for everyone who needs to retarget group of customers. With this platform, you can create audiences based on people who clicked on your links. Besides you can view statistics and control every result of activity your shared links gained. Thanks to this, you can target people who have shown interest in your content by clicking on the link.
You can even add your own Call-to-Action or any other widget, popup, opt-in form by adding a JavaScript snippet from your other tool. What’s game-changing? You can not only operate on your own links but other websites. Few live demos are available under this LINK.


Are you looking for photos that may be attractive to your post or site? If so, then you should try Kaboompics. This is an extensive collection of free images that you can use even to commercial purpose. You do not need to take professional pictures to create beautiful visual content which will attract your audience. There are plenty of filters helpful while searching for the best pics, including searching by colours. 


EarlyParrot is an excellent tool for referral marketing. With its help, you can create a campaign, based on which your community will recommend the product to their friends at the same time receiving, for example, a discount coupon for the service. EarlyParrot will make the new recipients interested in your actions, and you will be able to engage them yourself with links placed on the network.


With this solution, you will be able to create campaigns that will be more sharable. The idea is that your customers can download your e-books, reports, white papers, portfolios, music, other resources while “paying” by sharing your posts. Paybyshare allows you to check the number of entries and leads collected. Also, you can measure the reach of your campaign in social media.


Landingi offers a powerful landing page platform, even if you don’t know a thing about programming. How does it work? Select a template, drag&drop elements, type in your copy, replace images and publish. It really is that simple, and it takes hours instead of days! Our tool offers unlimited landing pages, traffic and conversions, over 200 handcrafted templates and 5000 free stock images. Landingi is a perfect solution for small businesses, agencies, and freelance designers. Try it for free!


Better Proposals, one of the best proposal software tools nowadays, enables you to create visually attractive and high-converting proposals in minutes. Impress your clients, automate your sales process and skyrocket your conversion rate. Knowing when these web-based, trackable proposals are opened and forwarded helps you follow up at the right time, and you will also receive a notification when the proposal is e-signed and paid online. Absolute must-have if you want to win more business.


If you often create presentations and you don’t have time or skills for designing them, SlidesCarnival has prepared them especially for people like you. Choose the right template for your presentation and make your slides memorable for longer. What’s more, it works well with Google Slides and Canva. Thanks to SlidesCarnival any presentation can be far more interesting and aesthetic.


You have probably heard or used photo banks. The problem with pics gained that way can be that they do not always seem natural and original. There’s a specific style of shoots that we can all recognise from various ads. If you’d rather use unique pictures, you should definitely try Oodls. It’s a platform which allows buying authentic content from Instagramers. It’s a win-win situation. Just search for accurate tags and find your perfect visuals. 

All the tools listed above can help you in your daily work. What’s more, many of them are available in free trial versions. Test them and improve your productivity and performance!


Written by…

Wojciech Jasnos

Founder & CEO of RocketLink

    1. Thank you for your comment, Juan!
      We’re constantly looking for new tools to test. There are tons of great apps that aren’t well-known but sometimes they can beat their larger competitors and offer a better price!

  1. Wow great list of tools to check out – I have never even heard of most of them and that rarely happens!
    Thanks for also Rocketlink too, such a great tool and definitely a major contribution to our client retention, it helps us everyday to keep us on target and easily shows our clients the amount of traffic we are getting for them, the UI is great, the features are excellent -it just works, really well

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