How to build and grow a successful Facebook group

The social media giant offers many forms of communication with customers and potential clients for brands. Among pages, paid campaigns, cooperating with influencers and messenger marketing it also gives an excellent opportunity to build a community via groups. Keep reading to find out more about this great marketing method!

5 tips for effective email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular ways of communication with customers. Every day around the world people send 269 billions of emails. This crashing number can raise a question of whether it can be still an effective method of increasing sales. Nevertheless, 80% of retail professionals admit that email marketing is their greatest […]

The beginner’s guide to website optimization

Website is a crucial element of almost every business nowadays. You can start to promote your company once your website is ready. Thus you can direct people to a place where they can find all the essential information. But the website has many other functions! To make the most of its possibilities, you should optimize. […]

QR codes: how to integrate your online and offline marketing

In order to achieve the best results from their campaigns, marketers should integrate online and offline marketing. A great way to realize this arrived with the launch of QR codes, allowing a direct link to be quickly and easily established between offline media and an online webpage. Doing so provides marketers with the possibility of […]

How to use Twitter for business?

Every social media platform has its own specifics. On Facebook you can find more or less everyone who share their personal life, Snapchat is for the younger generation, Instagram is filled with beautiful pictures and LinkedIn is strictly for professional networking. They can differ in the posts’ form and style and for the most – […]

Click Through Rate: explained

Every marketer most likely is familiar with CTR. No wonder, increasing this measure is one of the most important tasks for marketing and business. The huge amount of commercial messages that Internet users get is overwhelming and it causes the lack of sufficient ads. Simply put, people, are not able to click in every banner […]

Retargeting: how to do it smartly

According to the survey, a crashing 97% of the first-time e-commerce visitors actually do not finalize the transaction. For online stores that means extremely low conversion rate, but there is nothing to worry about. Instead, you should try out retargeting and master it to increase your return on investment. Of course, there are many factors […]

6 must-know marketing automation tips

Marketers face many challenges, but there are also many solutions that can make several processes and tasks easier. Fortunately, there is also marketing automation! In 2017 67% of Marketing Leaders who took part in the survey admitted they use a Marketing Automation Platform (source: Salesforce “State of Marketing”). Do not stay behind your competitors and […]