Take your social media marketing to the next level

A survey showed that over half of social media users interact with brands more than once a month.

Smart Insights revealed that 3,196 billion people were active on social media in 2018. It became a popular channel for communication because on the most significant social networks marketers can find their audience. The competition among brands is stiff, though, so you should think outside the box while planning your social media marketing activities. Below you can find a few ideas that can boost your efforts.

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14 Marketing Tools You Never Knew You Always Wanted

How many tools do marketers know? We bet that you use quite a few of them, and possibly you are not looking for change especially if you like some tools more than others. What if we can tell you that switching and exploring new possibilities can bring you real savings? In this text, we’ll tell you about the tools that we think are worth trying. We hope that after reading this article, many of our proposals will be used by you.

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How to Drive a Tremendous Amount of Website Visitors with Content Marketing

“Content is a King” – You have probably heard this for a lot of times. And yes – it is. But there are a few unprecedented rules which we all need to follow. For example:

Do you know which articles perform better – those with less or more words?
What are the best amplification processes for publishing your content?

If your answers to the questions above are “No”, then this is a right article for you! (By the way, you also should read this if you want more visitors to your website) 🙂

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Why You Should Always Shorten Your Links

Whether you’re a blogger, marketer, influencer, entrepreneur or just an ordinary internet user, you probably share some links from time to time. Sometimes it’s a video of a cat being a jerk, sometimes a blog post or a news article. No matter what you share, you can do it thanks to a URL. There are many ways to make this activity enjoyable and very profitable if you do it right.

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