How to Drive a Tremendous Amount of Website Visitors with Content Marketing

“Content is a King” – You have probably heard this for a lot of times. And yes – it is. But there are a few unprecedented rules which we all need to follow. For example:

Do you know which articles perform better – those with less or more words?
What are the best amplification processes for publishing your content?

If your answers to the questions above are “No”, then this is a right article for you! (By the way, you also should read this if you want more visitors to your website) 🙂

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Why You Should Always Shorten Your Links

Whether you’re a blogger, marketer, influencer, entrepreneur or just an ordinary internet user, you probably share some links from time to time. Sometimes it’s a video of a cat being a jerk, sometimes a blog post or a news article. No matter what you share, you can do it thanks to a URL. There are many ways to make this activity enjoyable and very profitable if you do it right.

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